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Types of bath salts

Types of bath salts

benefits of Ocean Mineral Bath Salts extend way beyond your time in the tub – after your bath, you will feel calm, relaxed, and happy. The best part: you can enjoy the benefits of bath salts without any side effects. In addition, bath salts are safe for just about everyone, easy to use, and very affordable. Bath salts can be fine or coarse particles. Most of them very rapidly dissolved in water. Choosing some special kind of salt for us is rather matter of our personal preferences. Fine bath salt can be use not only as bath salt it may be use also as peeling to our whole body. We only have to mix some oil care with salt and it's already ready to use.

are many different types of bath salts. They are not equal in terms of genre, property, and smell. The most commonly used salts are:

Dead Sea salt

The salt from the Dead Sea- is obtained from Dead Sea water. This white, rich in minerals product is used for many ailments. It is a very popular addition to the bath.

Himalayan bath salt

Himalayan salt - distinguish her light pink colour. It is a natural and pure crystal salt. It is used in the treatment of skin irritation, cellulite and improve skin firmness.

Mediterranean salt

The salt from the Mediterranean Sea - has white colour and this coarse sea salt is very rich in minerals.

drying salt on Bali

The salt from the sea in Bali - has a gray colour and characteristic porous surface. In order to obtain the necessary natural drying processes. He has an amazing ability to absorb smells.

Epsom salt - popular English salt mostly obtained as as result of evaporation of water. It is rich in minerals such as magnesium and sulphates.

It's worth
to treat yourself bath salt once a week. It helps to improve your skin condition and great way to relax after hard day.