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Salt which we know best

everyone knows that salt is highly processed product. To make it perfectly white producents apply lots of bleaching additives. Also to safe powdery condition of salt producents adds lots of chemical components. We can see much more different way of producing salt when we choose sea salt. It's high quality product which is prepared without using any chemical ingredients.

Sea salt
is gray colour and it can be little moisture. It means, that it consist lots of minerals inside. Sea salt, have very strong flavour and because of this it should be use in smaller doses than regular kitchen salt. Usually, before using it need to be grind.

are perfectly sure that, sea salt is much more nutritional and more healthy that popular kitchen salt. So, healthier for us is to choose small quantity of sea salt in our kitchen.

Himalayan salt

Himalayan salt Himalayan rock salt

days Himalayan salt became very popular not only in our kitchens. It's very helpful in problems with our skin. Himalayan salt is extracted on Pakistan area when millions years ago was very salty ocean. This kind of salt is characterized by unusual purity. In those days when it was discovered there were no pollutions caused by environments. It's also reach in lots of minerals. Himalayan salt is extracted by hand without using mechanical equipment or explosive materials. Besides chlorides and magnesium contains also sulphur and iron. It's probably even capable to slow down effect of aging our organism.

compress with Himalayan salt are recommended for people with joint problems. It is also well known in cosmetology. It helps to exfoliate epidermis and makes our skin looks healthy, clean and moisture.

Rock salt

rock salt Kłodawa salt

In Europe
we have natural wealth of rock salt. Very good known is rock salt from Kłodawa. It's prepared without using any chemical ingredients. In cosmetics and medicines is mostly well thought of bocheńska salt which is prepared from evaporated brine source. Rock salt is unprocessed product. It's still extracted in traditional mining method. After extract rock salt is crumble and mill.