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Salt from all over the world

Healing properties of salt

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Salt from all over the world

kind of salt has different taste, composition, level of salinity and have different way of compositing in meals.

terms researches proved that nation of Spain, Japan and people who live in Venezuela are less likely to get sick on atherosclerosis and leukaemia. Those people use only sea salt.

I would like to show various types of salt form all over the world:

gray salt

Gray salt from Guerande, (France) - Guerande it's a city located on the Atlantic coast of Brittanie. This kind of coarse salt is quite rare. It's received in summer months from June till September according to traditional Celtic handicraft methods. Gray salt from Guerande is suitable for most of dishes especially which are prepared row.

Halen Mon salt

Halen Mon salt, (England) - salt with snow white colour, mostly used for preparing row meat.

Algavre salt

Salt from Algavre, (Portugal) - this salt is called "sunny cream". Have very delicate taste and colour of ivory. It's reach in magnesium and potassium.

Black Lava salt

Black salt Black Lava, (Hawaii, Molokai) - produced on Molokai island cost with traditional methods. Black colour descends from volcanic lava and because of this it's submitting to cleaning process. Also it's very reach in all kind of minerals.

Cyprian black salt

Cyprian black salt, (Greece) - produced in process of vaporisation on coasts of Cyprus. It consist compound charcoal and it's great for people with troubles with digestive system.

Aguni salt

Aguni salt, (Japan) - this salt have velvety texture and very aromatic taste. It's very soft because of draining process which use bamboo wood. It's very helpful with problems with overuse caffeine in coffee.

blue salt Iran salt

Blue salt Persia, (Iran) - it has natural blue colour because it consist sylvite. It's very natural and pure. Used for decorating dishes.

purple salt Kala Namak salt

Purple salt Kala Namak, (India) - extended from Indian mine. Used in ajurwedirian medicine because of supporting digests properties. It's also used in mixed Indian spices. Unfortunately it has unpleasant smell because of high concentration of sulphur.