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Salt is one of the oldest spices in the world which accompanied people for a very long time. One of the most important properties of salt is that it gives wonderful flavour to every dish, but in the distant past it was used as component, which extends for a very long time freshness of food.

At fist people use the most available sources of salt known as brine and salty lagoon, which was formed in the drying sea bay and salty lakes. Later people start to mine salt from lode under the ground.

salt worker

Very soon after salt was discovered in the short term of time it reached very high prices. It was used even as way of doing payments. Rome army usually received pay for their hard work in salt form and probably because of doing this today we use word salary. Also probably in the same time was created adage "pay dearly" which means pay a lot. Accessibility of salt was so low that only reach people, important government and also kings and queens have privilege to use salt in everyday life.

Salt consist of two chemical elements which are sodium and chlorine. In pure form they are toxic and inedible for human bean. But in form known as sodium chlorine have very good influence on our body. We should also remember that use salt in to big quantity has bad influence. Always keep in mind that eating too much salt especially by obese persons, people who smokes cigarettes or people who do not exercise at all it may cause hypertension.

Indicated by the World Health Organization daily salt intake should not be grater then 5 grams- one teaspoon. Salt is used in fevers, extensive burns, long term vomiting and also in the treatment of diabetes.

I have to admit that our everyday life would not be so foul of flavour without salt.

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